Insect Diagnostic Lab Factsheets

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At the bottom of this page these same factsheets are grouped by topic (Household/Indoor;  Biting/StingingWood/Lumber;  Trees/Shrubs;  Vegetable/Garden;  Houseplants;  Outdoor/Miscellaneous).

These are a few examples received at the IDL, some missing an antenna or legs but still identifiable, when examined under the microscope.

(less than 1/4 inch long)
BED BUG (nymph)
(less than 1/8 inch)
(less than 1/8 inch)
(less than 1/16 inch)
 very round (not flat)  See “Booklice” in list

Factsheets by Topic

Household & Indoor:

Ants in Houses;  Bed Bugs;  Beetles in Stored Foods;  Beetles Infesting WoolensBooklice;  Boxelder BugBrown Marmorated Stink BugCarpenter Ants;  Carpenter BeesCigarette and Drugstore BeetlesClothes MothsCockroaches;  Deer Tick (Black-legged tick); Drain or Moth Flies;  European Earwig; Firewood InsectsFleas; Fruit FliesIndian Meal Moth;  Lady Beetles in Homes;  Larder Beetle;  Multicolored Asian Lady BeetlePowder Post Beetles;  PseudoscorpionsSawtoothed Grain Beetle; Silverfish and Firebrats; Spiders;  Springtails;  Stinging Insects;  Termites;  Western Conifer Seed Bug

Biting & Stinging:

Bald-Faced Hornets & Yellow-Jackets; Bed Bugs; Bumble-Bee; Deer Tick (Black-legged tick);  Fleas; Paper Wasps; Spiders; Stinging Insects; Ticks; also see:

Wood & Lumber:

Carpenter AntsCarpenter Bees;  Firewood InsectsHorntails or Wood Wasps;  Powder Post Beetles;  Termites

Trees & Shrubs:

Aphids;  Apple Maggot; Asian Longhorned Beetle;  Bagworms;  Boxelder Bug; Brown Marmorated Stink BugEmerald Ash Borer;  Fall WebwormFirewood InsectsGalls on Plants;  Gypsy Moth; Hemlock Woolly AdelgidHorntails or Wood Wasps;  Imported Willow Leaf Beetle;  Magnolia ScaleMountain Ash Sawfly;  Oak SkeletonizerSugar Maple and Pear Thrips;  Viburnum Leaf BeetleWestern Conifer Seed Bug

Vegetables & Gardens:

Managing Home Vegetable Garden PestsAphids;  Asparagus Beetles;  Beneficial Insects; Brown Marmorated Stink Bug; Cabbage Maggot; Colorado Potato Beetle;  Flea Beetles;  Fourlined Plant BugImported Cabbageworm;  Mexican Bean Beetle; Onion Maggot; Rhubarb Curculio; Spotted Wing DrosophilaSquash Vine Borer;  Striped Cucumber Beetle;  Tomato Hornworm


AphidsMealybugs;  Scale Insects

Outdoor & Miscellaneous:

Aquatic InsectsBeneficial Insects; Brown Marmorated Stink Bug;  Deer Tick;  European Chafer;  Galls on Plants; Millipedes, Sowbugs, Pillbugs, and CentipedesMulticolored Asian Lady BeetleParasitoid InsectsPseudoscorpionsSnow-Fleas;  Spiders;  Springtails;  Stinging Insects;  Western Conifer Seed Bug

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